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Unholy Grail Book Two: Historical Dossiers

The Unholy Grail series spans history from Biblical times to the present. The following dossiers are provided in order to gain a better appreciation for the historical background of the novels.

Dossier on the Merovingians and Carolingians
Dossier on the Knights Templar
Dossier on Islam and the Crusades
Dossier on Iran
Dossier on Iraq
Dossier on Saudi Arabia
Dossier on France and Eurabia
Dossier on the European Union

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Unholy Grail Book Two: The School of Power

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How this novel series came to be written

Unholy Grail

Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Here is how I came to write this one…

I grew up as the son of mom who was an instructor in early childhood education at the University of Minnesota. We had many “kitchen-table” discussions about a plethora of subjects, and as a kid I read hundreds of books. She also liked to see me write, but writing was more of a pain then a pleasure at that point in my life, and I didn’t take too well to her (constructive?) criticism. So it wasn’t until many years later and a career in software development that I began to develop any writing skills, and more importantly, a desire to write.

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Selected Bibliography for Unholy Grail

The following link shows a partial bibliography of books and resources related to the Unholy Grail novel series, and which were used in the course of writing the books:

Selected Bibliography for Unholy Grail

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